Regional business incubation:

BIC Twente and BTC Twente cooperate closely together and they provide the following services to its clients:

  • business space and office facilities
  • management services
  • management services with a focus on international business development and transnational networking (via BIC Twente)
  • international projects

Regional association of exporting companies:

BIC Twente established the Twente Export Society which the starting point of the Business Club of the World Trade Centre Twente in 2007.

International projects and activities:

BIC Twente participate in several international projects and activities in the area of:

  • innovation
  • technology transfer
  • cluster formation
  • new entrepreneurship
  • spin-off incubation
  • spin-off programmes
  • international business co-operation
  • regional participation in 6 FP projects
  • service incubators

An IRC project:

BIC Twente participated in an IRC project.

An incubator  project:

NENSI: North European Network for Service Incubators. Within this project BIC Twente provided management services to BTC tenants. 

A regional project:

NETLAB TWENTE: A regional network of R&D clusters developed by BTC Twente in co-operation with the Technology Circle Twente. This project is continued by the TKT.

A European FP7 project:

DETECT-IT: A network of incubators stimulating SME participation in FP7

A Intellectual Property project:

The support of the Turkish Patenting Institute in the promotion of innovation and intellectual property issues in Turkey via the Hezarfen project.

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